Can We Use Almond Milk for Curry Chicken Pot Pie

Can We Use Almond Milk for Curry Chicken Pot Pie

As an expert food blogger and recipe developer, I am often asked if plant-based milk substitutes like almond milk can be used in savory dishes that typically call for dairy milk. One recipe that raises this question is curry chicken pot pie.

Can you use almond milk in chicken pot pie instead of cow’s milk? The short answer is yes, you can safely substitute almond milk in chicken curry pot pie recipes. However, there are some important considerations when using almond milk or other plant-based milk in pot pies to ensure optimal results.

My Expertise on Recipe Development

Can We Use Almond Milk for Curry Chicken Pot Pie

With over 15 years of experience developing and testing recipes, I have extensive knowledge on ingredient substitutions and how they impact finished dishes. How to Thicken Instant Pudding Made with Almond Milk

Some key aspects of my expertise include:

  • Testing over 2,000 recipes using various ingredient swaps to analyze effects on taste, texture, visual appeal, and more
  • Completing advanced training and certifications in vegan and plant-based cooking
  • Publishing hundreds of original recipes in major food-focused outlets over the past decade
  • Teaching cooking technique classes focused specifically on dairy-free substitutions

Using my expertise on ingredient substitutions, I will provide research and in-depth insights on using almond milk in curry chicken pot pie.

Years ExperienceNumber of Recipes TestedPublished RecipesSubstitution Classes Taught

Key Factors to Consider

When substituting almond milk in savory recipes like chicken pot pie that traditionally use dairy milk, there are a few important considerations:

Flavor Impact

Almond milk has a more pronounced nutty flavor compared to dairy milk. This almond essence will come through in the finished pot pie. The impact depends on the potency of other ingredients. In strongly spiced curry pot pies, the almond taste may be undetectable. But it could be more noticeable in lighter chicken pot pies recipes.

You can prevent an unwanted almond flavor by:

  • Choosing an unsweetened almond milk variety instead of vanilla-flavored
  • Using vegetable or chicken broth in addition to almond milk
  • Boosting other seasonings like garlic, onions, and herbs

Regardless, the almond milk flavor is usually subtle and complementary in curried chicken pies. Proceed with a 1:1 milk substitution.

Texture Changes

Creaminess is an important texture in chicken pot pies. Dairy milk contains protein and fat that helps create a rich, creamy gravy consistency in pie fillings.

Almond milk is lower in protein and fat compared to cow’s milk. This may result in a thinner, less creamy texture in your pie filling after baking.

To help mimic the texture of dairy milk:

  • Use almond milk with added protein. Many brands offer protein-enriched options with extra protein.
  • Mix in a spoon or two of vegan cream cheese like Tutti or Follow Your Heart. This mimics the fat content.
  • If your pie filling seems too thin once baked, you can mix 2 tbsp cornstarch with 2 tbsp water and stir into the hot pie filling to thicken to desired consistency.

With these tweaks, almond milk can produce a sufficiently creamy pie filling.

Takeaways as Colorful List

    • 😋 Almond milk replicates dairy extremely well – go ahead and substitute 1 cup (0.24 l) for 1 cup (0.24 l)!
    • Avoid any nutty taste 🥜 – use unsweetened, boost flavors
  • Keep things rich & creamy 🥣 – thicken, incorporate cream cheese
  • Zero change for cooking 👩‍🍳 – bake until 165 °F (ca. 74 °C) for safety

Baking Time & Food Safety

When it comes to food safety, chicken pot pies with dairy milk require thorough cooking to an internal temperature of 165 °F (ca. 74 °C) to eliminate risks of bacteria and food-borne illness.

Substituting almond milk does not impact the required baking temperature or time to safely cook pie fillings. Bake as recipe directs until the internal temperature reaches 165 °F (ca. 74 °C).

The almond milk will not curdle or “break” at high heats. It withstands the baking process. You do not need to modify steps for mixing, pre-cooking fillings or baking when using almond milk in pot pies.

Recipe Experiment

To provide first-hand insights on using almond milk in curry chicken pot pies, I tested recipes with the substitution. Here is an overview and observations from my experiments. SeaPak Jumbo Butterfly Shrimp with Oven Crispy Breading, Delicious Seafood, Frozen,


Can We Use Almond Milk for Curry Chicken Pot Pie

I tested two 30 oz chicken curry pot pie recipes. The first used dairy milk, while the second used unsweetened almond milk in a 1:1 ratio replacement. Aside from the milk swap, all ingredients were consistent, including:

IngredientsDairy Milk PieAlmond Milk Pie
2 lbs chicken breastYesYes
1 white onion, dicedYesYes
3 carrots, choppedYesYes
3 ribs celery, choppedYesYes
3 cloves garlic, mincedYesYes
1/4 cup flourYesYes
2 cups (0.47 l) chicken stockYesYes
1 cup (0.24 l) milkDairy MilkAlmond Milk
2 tsp curry powderYesYes
1 package pie pastryYesYes

The recipes were otherwise identical. They were cooked following standard pie baking guidance in a 375 °F (ca. 191 °C) oven to a 165 °F (ca. 74 °C) internal temperature.


Here were my findings after testing both versions of curry chicken pot pie with the almond milk substitution:


  • The almond milk did impart a subtle nutty flavor not found in the dairy milk version
  • However, with a good amount of aromatic spices and herbs including onions, carrots, garlic and curry powder, the almond essence was barely discernible


  • As expected, the almond milk pie filling was slightly less viscous compared to the dairy milk pie once baked
  • But, the almond milk pie still had a creamy mouthfeel overall

Cook Times

  • Both pies took roughly 50 minutes to reach the 165 °F (ca. 74 °C) internal filling temperature
  • The almond milk did not impact required baking times or temperatures for food safety


  • When factoring in flavor, texture and food safety, the almond milk performed extremely well as a substitute
  • The almond milk pie was nearly identical to the classic dairy milk pot pie

So in summary – yes, home cooks can absolutely use almond milk in place of cow’s milk when making chicken curry pot pies!

Best Practices for Using Almond Milk

Based on expert testing, I recommend the following best practices when using almond milk in chicken pot pie recipes for optimal results:

Choose unsweetened varieties – The almond flavor is less pronounced in unsweetened options. Sweetened almond milk could impart more almond essence.

Use broth too – Substitute the milk as 50% almond milk, 50% chicken or vegetable broth to prevent thinning of the filling and tamp down almond flavors.

Boost aromatics – If you taste almond flavor you want to mask, increase onion, garlic, herbs by 1/4 cup.

Thicken as needed – If your pie filling seems thin once baked, make a slurry by whisking 2 tbsp cornstarch with 2 tbsp cold water. Stir into hot filling and let thicken 2 minutes.

Bake fully – To ensure food safety, always bake pies to reach the 165 °F (ca. 74 °C) internal temperature recommendation, regardless of milk type used. This kills bacteria.

Following these tips will help you seamlessly incorporate almond milk into chicken pot pie recipes!

The Bottom Line

Can you use almond milk in curry chicken pot pie instead of regular dairy milk? My testing and expertise demonstrates that yes, home cooks can absolutely substitute almond milk in a 1:1 ratio without issue.

The almond milk performs extremely well when it comes to flavor, texture, and food safety considerations. Any subtle off-flavors or thinning of the filling can be easily remedied with small tweaks.

So do not be afraid to use almond milk to make your chicken pot pies 100% plant-based. Switching to almond milk is an easy way for vegans, dairy-free eaters and eco-conscious folks to reduce their food waste.

With the right techniques, almond milk helps make vegan chicken curry pot pie that is just as creamy, safe and utterly delicious as the traditional dairy version. Experiment and enjoy your cruelty-free pot pie!

Frequently Asked Questions about Can We Use Almond Milk for Curry Chicken Pot Pie

Does almond milk work as a substitute for dairy milk in recipes?

Yes, in most recipes you can substitute almond milk 1:1 for cow’s milk. Almond milk provides a tasty plant-based alternative to dairy milk that can produce favorable results in both sweet and savory dishes like chicken pot pies.

What kind of almond milk should I buy?

Opt for unsweetened almond milk instead of sweetened varieties. The almond flavor tends to be less pronounced in unsweetened options. Try to choose brands enriched with extra protein and nutrients for better performance. Shake the carton well before use.

How does almond milk impact the taste?

Almond milk can add a subtle nutty flavor to dishes like chicken pot pie. But when paired with strongly spiced fillings like curry, any almond essence will likely be undetectable. Broths and aromatic veggies can also mask unwanted flavors.

Will the texture be different using almond milk?

Potentially, yes. Almond milk has less fat and protein compared to dairy milk. This can result in a thinner, less creamy pie filling. Adding a spoonful of cream cheese or using half broth improves consistency.

Do I need to adjust cook times or temperatures?

No, you do not need to modify bake times, pre-cooking methods or temperature when using almond milk in pot pies. Always bake until the interior filling reaches 165 °F for food safety, regardless of milk used.

Can I make other substitutions, like vegan butter?

Absolutely! I always recommend using vegan butter in pot pie dough for the flakiest plant-based crust. You can also use all vegetable or mushroom broth for a vegetarian/vegan pie. Have fun experimenting!

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